Maitre'D Point-of-Sale

A full service, feature-rich POS solution that works in all environments of all sizes such as fine and casual dining, table service, family restaurants, quick service, hotels and bars.

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Maitre'D simplifes your core business up front and in the back-office

Maitre'D POS provides all the functionality restaurant owners need to handle every part of their business operation, regardless of their size. Integrated with PayFacto's payment processing solutions, you can handle credit and debit card payments quickly and securely. Whether you run a fine dining table service restaurant, a quick service restaurant, a bar or nightclub, a hotel or a full event venue, Maitre'D POS does it all.


Why choose Maitre'D POS

Everything you need

More than just a POS, Maitre'D includes back-office and reporting solutions.

Ongoing support

Hundreds of certified resellers provide set-up, installation and local support, all the time.

Proven and tested

With more than 20,000 customers worldwide, Maitre'D POS has been used for over 30 years.


Main benefits

  • Make orders easier to read, prepare and expedite
  • Control your inventory and manage your recipes
  • Manage online orders, pick-up or delivery
  • Manage your payroll efficiently
  • Improve your staff efficiency by enabling them to accomplish each task quicker and easier with a user-friendly software
  • Personalize your system with seamless integrations of third party applications

Key features

  • Payment processing: Process payments directly on your POS with PayFacto's secure EMV-certified integrated payment solutions.
  • Table management: Keep track of every table at any moment in time; table availability and table status. Control the floor plan and guest flow.
  • Labor management: Gain real-time view into labor costs and plan work schedules for rush hour. Optimized operations, increased profitability.
  • Inventory Management: Never run out of ingredients for your recipes.
  • Loyalty and gift cards: Set a personalized loyalty and rewards program for your customers. Accept gift cards.
  • Report center: Gain access to data through strategic and operational reports or create your own. Make the best decisions based on real data.

Add-on modules

Add exactly, and only, the advanced functionality you require by enabling one, many or all of the Maitre'D modules any time you need it.


More partner solutions

Maitre'D connects with a wealth of third party solutions that help us deliver all required functionalities to our customers.

Sothebys - Restaurant


« Our staff is able to spend much less time inputting items because the system is much clearer with Maitre’D and so easy to use. »

Martina Streil
Corporate Head of Hospitality, Sotheby's