Pay-at-the-table solution

An EMV compliant, pay-at-the-table solution for both chip & sign and chip & PIN cards. Secure and efficient.

Our pay-at-the-table solution is the best option for your restaurant

Whether your restaurant is part of a major chain or an independent establishment, every successful restaurant strives to run it's operations more efficiently. PayFacto's pay-at-the-table solution eliminates the need for servers to go back and forth between guests and the POS station. Enable your servers to process payments at the table, and guests to pay their check quicker. Serve your customers more quickly while protecting their personal data and handle more tables per shift. It's a win-win for everyone.


Why choose PayFacto's pay-at-the-table solution

Increased efficiency

Complete the payment transaction directly at the table. Eliminate steps, reduce time, cost and risk.

Secure for your customers and you

Bring EMV to the table, protect client data, and reduce chargebacks and potential fraud.

Proven and tested

Installed in over 2 thousand locations in Canada over the last 5 years.


Integrated with more than 20 restaurant management systems and most leading payment processors.


Winning Benefits

  • Eliminate steps for you, your servers and your customers
  • Serve customers quicker
  • Turn more tables
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase tips
  • Calculate suggested tip amounts
  • Eliminate opportunities for error
  • Reduce costs from chargebacks
  • Avoid fraud protection with EMV compliance
  • No end of shift receipt reconciliation

Winning Features

  • Fully certified for the U.S.
  • Supports chip & sign, chip & PIN, and contactless payment
  • PIN pad is independent of the POS station: you can have as many PIN pads as you need and they won't tie up your POS station while in use
  • Server can pick any PIN pad and pull tables and checks for payment
  • Automatic tip calculator with percentages and/or dollar amounts
  • PIN pad closes the table and completes full payment reconciliation remotely
  • Accepts credit & debit cards, and gift & loyalty cards
  • Supports mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Bluetooth connectivity to the terminal base
  • Makes POS out of scope for PCI compliance requirements
  • Ready to handle processing via any channel available to PIN pads

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Reseller and End-User Documentation

Reseller Documentation
User guides, installation guides and details about the functionalities.


End-User Training Documentation and Videos
Brochures, infographic and whitepaper to download as well a many training videos to watch.