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Monitor your sales and costs from anywhere

DataBoard is the real-time business monitoring and alerts tool providing all the critical business performance metrics that ultimately impact profitability. The DataBoard mobile application allows restaurateurs to proactively run restaurant operations remotely or on-site using their smartphone and tablet.

This Android and iOS business mobile application monitoring tool allows restaurant owners to access crucial information on their sales and/or costs at any instance via the application. Keep a close eye on sales, customer counts, voids, labour, costs, and promotions, get real-time alerts and compare with historical data to see how you’re doing.

DataBoard–Advanced Reporting securely brings the full breadth of real-time reporting capabilities to desktops and mobile platforms everywhere. Access a wealth of real-time information and current-day reports directly on a mobile phone or tablet, and sent by email directly to your inbox.

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Why choose DataBoard for your Maitre'D POS

Dashboards & reports

Your most important business metrics at your fingertips

Real-time alerts

Make timely decisions when they matter most with the help of real-time alerts

Multi-store data & timelines

Scalable to help manage your growing business

DB phone + tablet

Main benefits

  • Keep an eye on your sales (net and gross), costs, voids, labor, promotions and revenue center - all key performance indicators, updates in real-time.
  • Drill down into any report for details and take immediate action.
  • Customize push notifications for sales, costs, voids, promotions, and labor.
  • Add, monitor and receive customized alerts for any number of restaurants.
  • View yesterday's performance or use calendar to capture a snapshot of your historical data.

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