Liquor control system

Agile, reliable and efficient alcohol control system specificially designed to manage and optimize bar operations.

Fully integrated with Veloce POS

The comprehensive range of VelMIX alcohol controllers allows complete monitoring and prevention of alcohol spillage, quickly process orders and effectively manage inventory in real-time.


VelMIX Liquor

Allow liquor pouring and control without any loss. Thanks to its programmable spouts, it pours the exact quantity of liquor, manages recipes with utmost consistency and automatically records the drink in the POS system. Small, easy to use and extremely precise.


VelMIX Cocktail

State of the art cocktail module and tower allows bar tenders to pour cocktails in seconds. Recognized as the faster cocktail pouring tower in the market, it manages up to 64 different brands of liquor, soda and juices to make the perfect cocktail every time.



Provides perfect control and monitoring of Draft beer flow in real time and maintains highly accurate inventory levels.



All the functionality of the VelMIX LM with the added feature of automated valve opening and closing for draft beer pouring providing precise system configuration for ounces, glass, pint or pitcher.

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